Around the globe many well-known confectionery brands count on Rasch quality. They know that Rasch wrapping machines, components and format parts are highly reliable. The basis of this performance is the technology which was developed by the company's founders, Wilhelm Rasch and Otto Römmling about half a century ago. This technology only enabled the wrapping of highly sensitive products. This already required a high standard in precision during the manufacturing process of the wrapping machines. These techniques have, since then, been continuously developed – what remains is Rasch's focus on excellent quality.

Our quality standard does not only apply for production. On top of that, it's the entire supply-chain which we concentrate on in order to be in a position to deliver competitive high-quality products on time. Thus we have implemented quality requirements starting with the purchasing of goods, including sales and continuing in the logistics services. Rasch counts on an unusual depth of production. This gives us the possibility to continuously have influence on the accuracy of the production process, on the matching choice of material and the use of production technology. This puts us in a position to achieve our high quality standards and – if requested – to fulfill further requirements.

Quality comes from experience and passion. Our dedicated and creative employees support you worldwide to find your optimal wrapping solution. This means that we are able to understand your markets and know how to combine your requirements with our technology. To be able to keep this promise, we thoroughly train our staff ourselves and develop their personal skills. This gives our employees the unsurpassed expertise in wrapping technology which we gladly put at your service. Moreover, this knowledge is reflected in our quality process. Our special knowledge meanwhile comprises experience from the production of more than 1,500 Rasch wrapping machines and uncounted overhauls.