Rasch special chocolate pumps and valves

Rasch pupmps for masses are slowly running pumps with four pushers suitable for conveying warm chocolate masses, cocoa masses, cocoa butter and various fatty masses.

They can be deliverd for conveying capacities from 1000 kg up to 10 t/hour with elevations of 20 m and horizontal pipe lengths up to 100 m. These pumps are working in a couple of thousand systems worldwide.

All pumps can convey masses with ingredients like chopped nuts and candied fruit pieces. From pump size P 3 on it is also possible to convey chocolate masses with whole nut kernels.

The pumps have directly flanged motor drives which can be delivered with an infinitely variable speed control on demand. Moreover they have a heating jacket to be connected to a warm water system. The mass has to run into the pump, i.e. the suction port of the pump has to be positioned lower than the hopper outlet.

As part of a tempering unit or stand alone Rasch chocolate valves have been working effectively in the market for decades. They are available as straight-way or three-way valves. They are equipped with a heating jacket and have serial flange connections.