Rasch Service

  • You're having a case of emergency and need immediate support?
  • You're currently planning a project and are looking for a matching tempering unit or wrapping solution?
  • You'd like to have existing machines checked, repaired or overhauled?
  • You're looking for a matching used machine?
  • You'd like to extend your assortment and need new set of format parts?
  • You'd like to do additional wrapping styles on your lines?
  • You'd like to automize?
  • You'd like to train you staff?

For all of these questions we can be at your assistance. Our service does not only start with the purchase of a machine. We are glad to be at your service and give best possible advice from the very early stages of your projects.

Our sales team specializes in recommending the best possible geometry especially for chocolate hollow articles in order to achieve a good wrapping result. Issuing foil drawings is our team's daily business and an essential part of an order.

On request, we guide you from the planning up to the commissioning of your tempering unit or wrapping machine. Moreover, we start looking for the right used machine on demand or give best advice regarding an appropriate new Rasch machine on the basis of your requirements regarding product, wrapping style and speed.

Our service team travels worldwide to take care of Rasch machines. Commissioning, check-ups, change-overs, repairs, overhauls and training of your staff are important parts of our service range. Our engineers will be at immediate service in case of emergency around the globe. Besides German our technical team speaks English and French.