Format parts production

In order to handle your sensitive high quality smoothly and in an optimal way, we count on precize production of every single piece of format parts. Benefit from our long-lasting experience in this field and rely on us.

Customized format parts are an essential part of a good wrapping result. To ensure this even works on older machines without any problems, we have collected the knowledge and data from decades of developping efforts. You'd like to have a set of format parts for an existing machine or you purchased a used machine and now need format parts? No problem. With the help of up to date CAD- and CNC technical devices we wrap your products in their skinny foil covers.

Format parts are produced on the basis of the original 3D data of the figure in question. Tolerances which can arise from scanning or manual production are not an issue. Of course, our format parts are produced in accordance with EC Regulation 10/2011.

Original format parts for our wrapping machines have always only been produced in Cologne and are installed and commissioned by our skilled service staff. Manufacturer's guarantee for quality and smooth operation are, of course, included. This is a service only an original producer can offer.