Since 1950: Innovation meets tradition at Rasch’s

The production of customized machines has a long tradition with Rasch. In 1950 Wilhelm Rasch and his partner Otto Römmling founded the basis for today’s productions facilities. With only five employees they produced the first Rasch tempering unit in a rented area. Engineer Wilhelm Rasch had already been working as plant manager in his home town Wernigerode for Lauenstein company before WW II. This company produced machinery for chocolate processing, mainly tempering units, pumps and valves. Together with his former apprentice, Otto Römmling, as a junior partner he founded the new company on the basis of his profound knowledge in this technical field.

Soon, they started to enlarge the product range. Starting in 1952, Rasch already produced the first wrapping machines type RP as well as chocolate pumps and valves. Especially in the field of packaging machines, Wilhelm Rasch Spezialmaschinenfabrik were able to define standards. This applies especially to the handling of hollow chocolate articles. The versatility of wrapping styles performed by Rasch wrapping machines made them  a well-known partner for numerous producers of confectionery and non-food products.

Nowadays Rasch have 40 employees and apprentices in Köln-Bickendorf. The production range covers wrapping machines for hollow products, universal wrappers, and highly specialized wrapping units. Rasch does not only focus on the wrapping machine itself but also delivers complete lines including diverse feeding and conveying systems, tempering units, pumps and valves. The extended service program covers maintenance and repair, overhauls and automization.