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Rasch Universal wrapping machine type RG

Rasch wrapping machine type RG is a further development of our top seller, Rasch RU, and can handle a slightly bigger size range of products. It also matches requirements towards a modern wrapping machine and offers a lot of wrapping styles for its products.

Figures, flat bottom chocolate products, round or oval products, bars, (asymmetrical) bars, relief bars, bottles, balls, eggs, other rotational products and many more are ideal products to be handled on RG. Especially delicate products such as marzipan loaves or nougat articles can excellently be wrapped on this machine which can handle a surprisingly big range of tolerances in size for non-moulded articles.

Moreover, you can also choose from a variety of wrapping styles: Front folding, figure foiling, figure folding, heat-sealing, double-twist, bunch wrap, envelop fold, egg foiling and double foil uncoiling device or the simultaneous use of two foils are no problem for this machine.

On top of that, Rasch universal wrapping machine type RG offers diverse possibilities for labelling which is getting more and more important regarding declaration regulations.

This machine can wrap up to a speed of 70 pieces per minute depending on product and wrapping style. Of course, it handles all common packaging material.

This machine type can either be fed manually as by diverse, customized feeding systems in order to optimize speed related to output of moulding line. The range of feeders covers the range from simple feeding belts up to alignment systems and complex pick-and-place systems. Products can be handled loose or out of moulds.

Rasch wrapping machine type RG can always be equipped with further format parts and devices. Change overs and operation are plain and simple.