Rasch special wrapping machine type RGE 100

Customized solutions have a long tradition with Rasch. Rasch wrapping machine type RG offers a high quality wrapping for chocolate eggs and balls up to a maximum diameter of 70 mm. On this technical basis Rasch special wrapping machine type RGE 100 was developed which can handle larger products of to a maximum diameter of 100 mm. RGE 100 is only able to wrap rotational products.

Whether egg or ball, solid, filled, hollow, made of two loose, hollow halfs, or contaning a surprise capsule our Rasch special wrapping machine type RGE 100 wraps these delicate products safely and with an outstanding wrapping result.

As a standard, basic machine can effect simple front folding with overlap or front folding with double folding seam. The approved original Rasch rolling device a high-quality smoothing of the chocolate products is guaranteed.

On top of that, Rasch special wrapping machine RGE 100 offers diverse possibilities for labelling which is getting more and more important regarding declaration regulations.

This machine type can reach a maximum speed of 55 pieces per minute depending on product and/or wrapping style. Of course it can handle all common wrapping material.

This machine type can either be fed manually as by diverse, customized feeding systems in order to optimize speed related to output of moulding line. The range of feeders covers the range from simple feeding belts up to alignment systems and complex pick-and-place systems. Products can be handled loose or out of moulds.

Rasch wrapping machine type RGE 100 can always be equipped with further format parts and devices. Change overs and operation are plain and simple.