Rasch special wrapping machine type RL

Relief-like figures in the form of chocolate lollypops have a long tradition. These articles, mostly with a very simple geometry, can be wrapped on Rasch universal wrapping machine type RU in aluminum foil. Besides this, Rasch special wrapping machine type RL offers an entirely new wrapping style. It especially draws attention to extraordinary forms or painted products.

Whether bears, elephants, dogs, cats, Santa Clauses, rabbits, clowns, comic characters, flowers, butterflies, hearts, angels or simple standard universal figures, as long as products have a flat bottom and a stick, Rasch special wrapping machine RL packs them in transparent foil and this way points out the beautiful details of the (painted) products.

Rasch wrapping machine type RL draws heat-sealable transparent foil from a roll and forms a bag around the product. Then the foil is tightened around the chocolate body and gathered around the stick. Meanwhile, the foil is heat-sealed resulting into a good-looking well closed packaging. There is no need to adjust an additional clip. Moreover, this is not available as an additional option. As standard, the bag formed around the products has a tear-aid on the upper edge which enables a very easy opening of the products. However, this packaging stands the requirements of product protection and temper-evidence. 

This machine offers a maximum speed of 100 pieces per minute. Label attachment to the foil (back side of product) is available as an option. 

This machine is equipped with a continuously running feeding belt. This belt is fed manually. Alternatively, Rasch special wrapping machine type RL can also be equipped with servo-driven special feeding system Rasch type RTX for full line automization.