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Rasch Universal-Wrapping Machine Type RU

RU – Rasch universal wrapping machine – this name is a promise. This wrapping machine offers numerous possibilities to wrap a big variety of products in many different wrapping styles. This machine has continuously been further developed and therefore fulfills all expectations towards a modern packaging machine.

No matter whether moulded or extruded products - RU universal wrapping machine is the ideal partner if it comes to wrapping of figures, flat-bottom chocolate products or lollies, round or oval products, (small) bars, chocolate bottles, truffles, balls, eggs, other rotational products, bath tablets, paraffined cheese or many others. Throughout the years, this machine has also become a reliable partner for the handling of non-moulded products with quite high tolerances in size. For example, RU machine handles high quality Ramadan bakery excellently without any problems for some of our Arabian customers.

On top of that, you can choose from a variety of wrapping styles: Front folding, figure foiling, figure z-fold, hot-sealing, double-twist wrap, bunch wrap, envelop wrap, top-twist or sachet style, single-twist or banderole are no problem for this type of machine. Even a cardboard, an adhesive string or a twisted string can be attached, too.

Moreover, Rasch RU universal wrapping machine offers diverse possibilities for labelling which becomes more and more important for required declaration.

This machine can handle products up to a maximum of 120 pieces per minute, depending on products and/or wrapping style. Of course, it handles all common wrapping material.

This machine type can either be fed manually or, in order to reach maximum speed, be equipped with different, customized feeding systems. The range comprises simple feeding belts, directional feeders as well as complex pick and place systems. Products can either be fed out of moulds or loose.

Rasch wrapping machine type RU can be equipped with additional format parts and devices anytime and stands for simple changeovers and operating.