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Rasch wrapping machine type RZ

Rasch wrapping machine type RZ is a small and highly reliable wrapping machine which wins by its simplicity.

Whether pralines, round, oval or square articles, relief-like articles, Mozart balls – wrapping machine RZ wraps all these products as long as they have a flat bottom. Even products with a more challenging geometry like „Escargots“ for example, can be handled as long as they can be fed into the machine in a stable position. On top of that, this machine has well approved in handling diverse wafer or marshmallow products.

Rasch wrapping machine type RZ offers the possibility to choose between die fold and envelope wrap either with brush matrix or flat or high folding box. Wrapping machine type RZ can handle all common wrapping material and can, on demand, be equipped with a double foil-uncoiling device (incl. retarding device for lower foil). An automatic foil-splicer can also be ordered as an additional option.

Furthermore, machine can be equipped with a heat-sealing device. This device seals bottom of products which gives them a well closed (temper-evident) wrapping result. This machine wraps your products reliably with a high output and grade of efficiency.

Moreover, Rasch wrapping machine RZ offers diverse possibilities for labelling which is getting more and more important regarding declaration regulations.

This machine type can reach a maximum speed of 200 pieces per minute depending on product and/or wrapping style. As a standard, Rasch wrapping machine type RZ is equipped with feeding and conveyor belts. Machine can either be integrated into a production line or simply be used in stand-alone-operation. 

Rasch wrapping machine type RZ has also been approved for the wrapping of non-food articles for years. Rubbers of a well-known manufacturer are wrapped with paper banding and full wrap on a customized version of this machine. These products are wrapped with heat-sealing and an integrated tear-and-open strip. This gives the wrapping resulted the required temper-evidence.

Rasch wrapping machine type RKS 2 can always be equipped with further format parts and devices. Change overs and operation are plain and simple.